Tattoo Sunblock SPF 50+

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Balm Tattoo Sunblock75 with SPF 50+ 30g

With Balm Tattoo Sunblock 75 you no longer need to hide in the shade. Show off your beautifully tattooed body without worrying about colour fading or sunburns. The unique formula protects and nourishes at the same, so it can be used on fresh tattoos. And that smell… you just gotta try it! 

  • High UVA + UVB Protection 
  • Doesn’t leave a white film on the tattoo
  • Creates a protective barrier
  • Moisturizes and regenerates

*Avoid exposing fresh, still healing tattoos to direct sunlight!

Tested on humans


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How does Balm Tattoo Sun Cream with SPF 50+ Work?

Sun can seriously affect the look of your new and old tattoos. UV radiation that is not stopped by the barrier created by sun cream, penetrate deeper layers of the skin where the tattoo is located and damage the ink particles.

This process is similar to laser tattoo removal. 

Balm Tattoo Sunblock 75 meets all the needs of the tattooed skin. It is unique in the way that it can be used on fresh, not fully healed tattoos.

Its ingredients not only protect against UV radiation but also moisturize, regenerate and nourish tattooed skin.

Official tests show UV sun protection = SPF 75

Active ingredients of Balm Tattoo Sunblock 75

UVA + UVB Filters 

A perfect combination of physical and chemical filters to ensure the most effective broad-spectrum protection. 

High Dexpanthenol Content (5%)

Provitamin B5 is a photo-stable UVA and UVB filter soothing the symptoms of excessive radiation. Moisturizes and prevents water loss.

Sepitonic M3

This original cocktail of zinc, copper and magnesium aspartate contained in Balm Tattoo products, improve the hydration of tattooed skin and protects against free radicals.

Vitamine E

Slows down the ageing process caused by UV radiation. Strengthens the epidermal barrier and prevents irritations. Improves skin’s hydration and has a positive effect on the intensity of the colours of your tattoos. 


Safe, metal tube properly protects the cosmetic against external factors (heat) and the penetration of harmful substances from the packaging into the product. It also helps in using the entire product “to the last drop.”

Directions for use

Apply the right amount of cream about 30 minutes before sun exposure. In case of permanent sun exposure, apply the cream again after approx. 2 hours.

Use By Date: 12 months after opening

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