Sunblock 75+

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50+ sun protection (UVB + UVA)

Balm with a high content of Panthenol (5%) and SEPITONIC M3, specially indicated to care for and protect healthy tattooed skin.

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$ 20.00

Balm tattoo 75+, not only moisturizes and promotes skin regeneration, it also helps keep the colors of old and new tattoos alive, preventing them from rusting and protecting them from the sun's harmful rays. Real protection index 75+ according to studies carried out. Tested dermatologically.
ContainsPanthenol, SEPITONIC M3, lanolina, filtros UVA y filtros UVB.
It does not containParabenos, propylene glycol, siliconas, ethanolaminas, colorantes, ftalates, perfume, sulfatos.
Weight30g Net Wt 1.oz
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